The Church of God of The Firstborn
A LIFE FULL OF FAITH  --The Book on Bible Facts
written by A. G. Etterman

I am a living witness for Christ who died on Calvary's Cross for whosoever will may come and take the water of life freely. Praise His holy name for these words. 1921 the
Spirit of God started to strive with me in Fessenden, N.D. Finally I got saved then, but did not know much about the word of God or how a saved person should live, so then I got a pain in my side and went to the doctor. He told me it was gall stones. I got no relief, was troubled with that awful pain for a long while, when finally I got another sickness and then went to another doctor. He said it was ruptured appendix, and said I had to be operated on for gall stones and appendicitis. So then we moved to Minot, N.D., and there we attended full gospel meetings for a while. I started to read the Bible and found there just how to live and started to pray from the bottom of my heart and prayed for the Lord to take those pains from my body. Praise His holy name. For seven years have had no pains. I thank Him for hearing and answering prayer. So today I can say boldly I am serving a God whose ears are open to our prayers if we do His will. The Bible says whatsoever ye pray believe that ye receive it and ye shall have it. So if our prayer is not answered we do not believe from our heart. So today there is nothing too small nor too great that the Lord is not willing to do for us if we do His will every day. Then to believe and have faith in God that he will do everything he has promised is two different things. Belief comes from the head and faith comes from the heart, so we will have to have both to please God. Then January 19, 1928 I was filled with the Holy Spirit as the word of God says: Be ye filled with the Spirit. I praise God for that he was so merciful to me, and what he has done for me he will do for you if you meet the conditions, for God is no respector of persons. After we are filled with the spirit of God then we find out what it means in I John, 4 ch., 18 ver., "There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear; because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love." Now this is the word of God and it means just what He says. So we know what is the matter with so many of people that are afraid of every storm or thing that shall come to pass. They are not made perfect in love, or other words, they are not right with God. Praise His name forever.

Mrs. Annie Etterman.

Enid, OK, April 26, 1933.
For the Glory of God I am giving this testimony. Haven't been able to work for about 6 years on account of my eyes and have just been able to discern light of windows and doors. Was prayed for several times but no relief. Attending Bro. Etterman and Hayes Evangelistic services was prayed for by Bro. Etterman and the dear Lord touched me and I could see their shining faces and received the Holy Ghost speaking in other tongues as the spirit gave utterance which I give God all the glory. I pray they may have great success in winning souls and healing their bodies. I want to go on in the Lord.
Pray that I hold out faithful.

E.F. London
124 W. Wabash Ave., Enid, OK

Perry, OK, April 24, 1933.
To whom this may concern:
Bro. Etterman and Bro. Hayes had a meeting here at our town for almost 3 months and there were many of the saints healed and some precious souls saved to the honor and glory of God. I myself was instantly healed of neuralgia. Thanks be to God. It is very interesting to hear them tell of the wonderful experiences and
how much God can do for all of us if we will only let the Lord have his way in our life. My earnest wish is God will bless and help other places where the blessed people go like he did at Perry, and hope they help many souls. May God bless them and their family.

Anna Casity
303 Elm St., Perry, OK

Lindsborg, KS, July, 1933.
Very few people living in this age have had the privilege to see God's power manifested in healing. I was 32 years of age before I ever saw it done and I had traveled in 5 states. Last fall when we were holding a meeting at Lindsborg an old lady by the name of Mrs. Peterson came to our meeting. She >was very deaf. She could not hear a thing but she was a saint of God. She wanted to be prayed for. I did not believe then that it was possible to be healed by God. I imagined that God was too far away to do so. Bro. and Sister Etterman anointed and prayed for her and she received her full hearing.

Harold H. Hayes
Annandale, MN