The Church of God of The Firstborn
A LIFE FULL OF FAITH -- A Book on Bible Facts
Written by A. G. Etterman
By H. H. Hayes
January, 1963

Some of the things God done for Bro. Etterman and us in our Evangelistic

It was in 1934. I remember driving through South Dakota and it was very dry.
We were on our way to North Dakota, pulling our house trailer. We had very
common trailers. Ours was built on a Model-T Ford chassis and Bro. Etterman
had a house on a Chev. truck. Ours was 7 by 12 feet. Bro. Etterman's was 8 by
14 feet.

We always tried to keep our little, humble houses looking as good as possible
Bro. Etterman taught us that we should not be a reproach to God's great

When we would hold services we always tried to have our children as neat as
possible. We did not have such expensive clothes, but tried to have them neat.

This one time I started to write about, we were traveling straight north and a
very strange cloud was coming up in the west. It looked like there was a lot of
wind in the cloud as we were driving along. I was hoping and praying that the
road would turn east, away from the storm and sure enough the road did turn
east and of course that made us happy. But, oh my what happened. All of a
sudden our old 1927 Olds stopped. We were out of gas. My my.

Now, what was we to do. I took a gas can and started down the road. It was
possibly two miles to a farm house. I didn't go far, as I seen I could not make
it. The storm was getting close, so I turned around and hurried back to the car
and just got back when the rain began to fall and the wind blow. It sure did rain
and the wind blew.

I said to my wife, if I take the breaks off I believe the wind will blow the car
and trailer down the road. So I took the breaks off and the car began to go.
Soon we were traveling quite fast and finally I had to use the breaks to slow
the car down. Anyway it blew us down the road to the farm house and then the
wind stopped. It was God that done it for us.

We are trusting in a great God who can do great things for us if we will trust
and look to him
. I want many people to know what the Lord has done for us.

After it stopped raining I took my gas can and got gas at that house.

We are trusting in a good God.

I would mention many things that happened in our trailers to show you how
close God is to those that have trust in him. I'm glad Jesus Christ is the same
yesterday, today, and forever.
What he done for the people in the Bible he will
surely do for you and I. What he has done for us he will do for you
. God takes
pleasure in them that trusts in him
. I'm thinking of that song, "It is so Sweet to
Trust in Jesus."

Brother Etterman always taught us out of the Bible not to trust in man, but
fully trust in the Lord
. I would like to mention we were parked in Newton,
Kansas at the church and one day the wind began to blow very hard and our
little house was rocking in the hard wind. I'm wondering now if the Lord was
trying our faith in him. Anyway, it looked like the little trailer house would turn
over. I walked outside and it came to me. It must have been the enemy. You
better get a rope and tie the trailer down or it will blow away. But it soon came  
to me, you know you should trust in the Lord. Well, praise the Lord, what did I
do but went inside the trailer. I sat down on the floor and this is what I said to
the Lord, "I am afraid." I had no sooner said these words, than the wind
stopped blowing. Some times we think that the Lord is so far away. Some
times it looks and seems that he has forgotten us, but it's not so. Now, here I
was worrying about the house blowing over and I didn't realize the Lord was so
close. I again want to draw your attention to the words I spoke while I was on
the floor, while the trailer was rocking in the wind. "I am afraid."
It's not
always the long prayer that is answered.
It's good to know that the Lord cares
for us and will always make a way.

Another time, I would like to mention in this book, we were holding a revival at
a school house in Oklahoma. The little place was called Addington Bend. It
really was a lovely little place to be. Anyway, I liked it so much. I was raised in
the country. I lived in one house for 32 years, off the main road, so we were
used to the country.

This school had the woods on the east side of it and there was a fence along
the woods. This is where Bro. Etterman and us had our trailers. Of course, in
those days we didn't have any electric lights in our trailers, we use kerosene
lamps. The school house we preached in didn't have any electric lights. Our
company had a nice revival meeting sign and one night someone cut the sign to
pieces, completely ruined it. Bro. Etterman told the sheriff about it, but he
didn't do anything about it.

There was some boys there that had just been paroled from jail. These boys
didn't like the Gospel Bro. Etterman was preaching, so they sent word to us
that they were going to destroy us. Of course, we had no protection except
God and of course, he is our great protector.

One night after services we were sitting outside enjoying the lovely evening.
Well, before this I believe it was before the evening services. To our great
surprise here come a large police dog. My, was he a nice dog. He was so nice
to the children. He stayed around all evening. We had no idea where the dog
came from and why the dog was there. We had no idea that God had sent the
dog there to protect us.

While Bro. Etterman and the rest of us were sitting there outside, God spoke
to Bro. Etterman,
"Their feet are swift to shed blood." It was not long now
until out in the woods we could hear foot steps. As I remember, it was a very
still night. No wind, and you could hear a long ways as they were coming. We
could even hear them as they crossed over the fences. It seemed as though
danger was on hand and we were not afraid.

Bro. Etterman always taught us that wonderful Bible verse.
"If God be for us,
who can be against us."
Another place it says, "Perfect love cast out fear."
We were all looking to the Lord for help. One place it says,
"Vain is the help
of man."
We will never know how close they got to us or we didn't know how
many were coming, but all of a sudden the big police dog began to growl and of
course he had a big voice. They were still coming. Then it was that the dog
began to bark and started out into the woods. It looked like there was no fear
in the dog. Whoever was out in the woods, coming toward us, got afraid of the
dog and went back, because we never saw them. I don't remember if we saw
the dog any more. Of course, God could have done different, but anyway he
used a dog to frighten them. We seen in the Bible, God used a mule to talk to
a prophet.
God's ways are not like mans. Getting back to the dog, we inquired
about him, if there was anyone that had a dog of that type, but no one seemed
to know anything about such a dog. Anyway, God sent the police dog to protect
his servants. God will make a way when there is no way. He does the
impossible. Anyway, whoever it was coming to harm us, as Bro. Etterman got,
"There feet are swift to shed blood," they never did come back and try to
harm us.

Jesus said in the Bible.
"Our very hairs are numbered." Jesus also said, "We
are of more value than many sparrows."

I'm thinking about another time we were traveling in Oklahoma and I believe
we were going to Pawhuska, but I am not sure. Anyway, there were three
trailers this time - Bro. Etterman, Bro. Peterson, and ours. It was along toward
evening and it had begun to rain. We were traveling on a dirt and gravel road
and it was hilly. So it got slippery and we just could not go any further. Bro.
Etterman said, let us pull beside the road and stay until morning. God was in it.

Well, we pulled off the road and camped for the night. After we got everything
arranged for the night, it was already getting dark. There was quite a few of us
in the company, with the children there must have been about 15 of us. Here
we was, out in the country and no houses in sight. We didn't have any water.
We might have had some food to prepare. We had the trailers set for the night
and we had our own kerosene lights, but what were we going to do for water?
The children wanted water, and of course we could not fix supper. Here come
Bro. Etterman with his pail. He says, "Bro. Hayes, Bro. Peterson, let us get
some water." I thought, "Where will we get any water?" Bro. Etterman
started down the road with some of the children following. We followed him. By
now, it was dark. The skies were clear and it was quite nice after the rain. I
don't know how far we walked, but probably half a mile or more when we came
to a house which was a little ways off the road.

Bro. Etterman say, we will get water here, but to our surprise, it was a vacant
house. We looked around for a well, but there was none. Now, what were we to
do? There was no more houses to be seen, night was on, the children were
thirsty, we needed water to prepare a little supper. I don't remember if I
prayed, but no doubt I did and no questions Bro. Etterman was asking God for
some water.
Oh, God is so good. He sees how helpless we really are. One
place it says,
"God remembered that his people were but flesh." Where were
we going to get any water?

The skies were clear except up in the skies there was a small cloud. It was so
small. Bro. Etterman was on the other side of the house. All at once it began to
rain, out of that little cloud, and it rained real hard. Brother Etterman says,
come here and get your water. There were eve troughs on the house. Bro.
Etterman says come quick. Bro. Peterson and I ran over there and Bro.
Etterman already had his pail filled. Bro. Peterson and I filled our pails and
then it stopped raining. We each got our pails filled and that was the end of the
Oh, our God is so wonderful.

We were ready to go home and make supper. We walked on home with our
water, praising our great God for his mercy to us. We had our supper and went
to bed and in the morning we traveled on our way, rejoicing and praising God.

Many times we limit our great Gods power. There is nothing too hard for God
to do.

We came to a little town in Oklahoma by the name of Thackerville and we
were looking for a place to stop. Some one told us where we could stop where
there was a well. Anyway, we made ourselves at home at that place. I don't
remember how long we stayed there, but it was for some time. We enjoyed our
stay. We got our water from the well.
Of course, we were taught to pray over
everything we drank or ate.
We were ready to move on when someone asked
where we were getting our drinking water. We told them and they told us that
the well was contaminated. Supposed to be Typhoid. Anyway,
God protected
all of us.

How wonderful it is to think how good God is. We were in Newport, MO,
holding a revival meeting. We were having good interest. Souls were getting
blessed and
of course when God works, then the devil works. Bro. Etterman
was doing good preaching and of course the devil doesn't like that. One
Sunday afternoon we had services and during the service God began to work.
Petersons were still with us. Anyway, the spirit of God took or I should say the
Spirit of God scooted this young man down the church isle right to Sis.
Peterson and spoke these words.
"Don't fear these men that can kill your
body, but rather fear me who can kill you and put your soul in hell."

We did not understand what the message meant. Possibly Bro. and Sis.
Etterman understood more than we did. What could that really mean? Don't
fear these men. Well that would be hard to say. It was not long before we did
understand what it meant. The afternoon service was over and of course the
day was soon gone and it was time for the evening service. Well we had a very
good service.

There had been talk about this little community that they were going to blow
us up. Of course, we didn't pay any attention to that. We were trying to do our
little part, praise God. The evening service was over,
we had our family altar
and were about to go to bed.
It was quite dark outside. No lights at all. All of a
sudden off went a charge of dynamite. Not just one, but three big, heavy
charges. I don't know where they were. Bro. Etterman said one was under his
trailer. The blasts broke the windows out of the church, but never harmed our
little homes.

Now possibly this is hard for you to believe, but every word is true which I
have written.

No evil can happen to the just.

The first time Bro. and Sis. Etterman came to Texas they preached in San
Marcas, Texas. God Blessed in a mighty way. Souls were saved and sick
bodies were healed and we all know that the Devil does not like it when good
things are done.

Bro. and Sis. Etterman and another preacher was invited out for supper, so
they gladly went to this home. They all sat down at the table and of course
Bro. Etterman was asked to give thanks for the food. So, he asked
God to
Sanctify the meal
. They eat their meal and of course, visited. Bro. Etterman
noticed that his coffee was rather green, it looked very funny to him. But,
thinking it was cheap coffee, he poured more cream into it and didn't think
anything about it. He was in a hurry to get to church. He drank all his coffee
and rose up and says excuse me because I have to go to church.

After supper this other preacher got very sick. No one thought anything about

Well, to Bro. Etterman's surprise, coming back to San Marcos two years later
he found out what he had drank, poison. I heard Sis. Ragsdale tell Bro. and
Sis. Etterman that he had been fed strychnine. The daughter of the house had
bought the strychnine to poison rats and if she gave it all to him, it was enough
to poison several cattle.

We are serving a very great God. If you will read in Mark 16:17-18,
"If we
drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them."
Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus Christ,
the same yesterday, today, and forever."
What we find written in the Bible is
still good.
It seems so hard for many to believe the Bible. We find in Hebrews
chapter 11,
"Without faith it is impossible to please God."

If you desire more information about the miracles described in this book write
to H. H. Hayes or A. G. Etterman, 720 So. Kan. Ave., Newton, Kansas.

These good things are written to encourage you that there is nothing
impossible with our great God.