The Church of God of The Firstborn
A LIFE FULL OF FAITH -- A Book of Bible Facts
Written by A. G. Etterman

It was in the year of 1925 that I was working at a home in Howard Lake, Minnesota. These people were members of the Church of Christ, and were great workers in this church. The told me that I should become a Christian, and that to get to be one I must go forward and shake hands with the minister and get baptized in the water. So I went forward and shook hands with the minister one morning and was baptized in the water. I thought there was only the church that was right, because they carried the name of the Church of Christ and baptized in water, and take communion every Sunday.

The only time I heard about healing was when I heard two women testify to the fact that they had been healed, and also seen other healed. I read it in the word of God, but thought it was not for us. I took all kinds of medicine, and was going to have my tonsils removed by a doctor.

It was in the year 1932 that Bro. Etterman, with whom we are now traveling, came along and asked my husband to go along with him as a singing evangelist. We went with him.

As I thought the Church of Christ was right, I never took my Bible and tried to find out that there was something more to do than shake hands with the minister and be baptized in the water, and take the Lord's Supper.

As I was a self righteous person, I did not receive the word of God, how to get saved, and instead of asking God to save me, I began to seek for the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

We arrived at Perry, Oklahoma on Nov. 4, 1932, where we were holding a meeting, when I caught a bad cold from laying the mattress on the ground in the tent and then washing outside. From a bad cold it turned into quick >consumption, and I lost at least seventy-five pounds. When I was sick I would spit up at least a quart of pus day and night and my lungs were terribly sore, and I could hardly walk, eat, or sleep. I would have to get up at night and sit up in a chair and sleep. I also lost my mind. It was here that Bro. and Sister Etterman brought me the Gospel of Jesus Christ, how to get saved. I got saved, and my tonsils were also removed by God, praise His name.

At Enid, Oklahoma, I began to seek for the baptism of the Holy Ghost again.
Some people prayed with me there who were not clean people, so I received demons, instead of baptism of the Holy Ghost. Their unbelief crept in and I became possessed with the Devil.

It was at San Marcos, Texas, that the demons took full charge of me. I thought I was being led by the Lord. The demons would speak through me, and tell me other things to do that were contrary to the word of God. They made me thing that I was right and the others were all wrong, and they tried to make me kill my baby, by me throwing my arms around him so tight that the others would not get him. When they tried to take the baby I held him with all my might. I could not even believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that he died for me, I could not believe or receive any of the word of God until the demons were cast out of me by the power of God and the work of Bro. and Sister Etterman. I got saved, and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost at Kennedy, Texas. I can truly say that God's power is the same as it ever was.

I used to also be a person very much afraid of lightning and storms, but this all was taken away from me. The word of God says,
"You know that perfect love casts out fear." I used to have all my windows shades pulled tight when there was lightning. If I had only known that it was in God's hands and it did not do any good I suppose, I would have not been so foolish. I was also very scared to sleep anywhere outdoors, but this fear also was taken away. My two children always had to take medicine for their stomachs and also use medicine when they had a cold, but since we have been in the care of the hands of the living God, we have had no trouble.

This is my testimony to the Glory of God.

Anyone wanting to write to me for more information, I will give them to you.

Mrs. Christine Hayes, Annandale, Minnesota.

Wichita, Kansas, July 26, 1935
To whom this may concern:

I was afflicted with a tumor in my side for about nineteen months, and I suffered much with it.

Bro. Etterman and his company held a short meeting in this city. About a year before this meeting I was prayed for, but got no relief. After Bro. Etterman left I wrote to Sister Etterman, and asked if they would pray for me, and thank God the tumor in my side melted away, and I was completely healed of the disease.

I thank God for honest ministers that are preaching the true word of God. I know that the Lord is with Bro. and Sister Etterman, and I recommend them highly.

Anyone desiring to know more about my healing, please write to me, or see me. I know that God still heals.

My desire is to go on and serve the Lord, and do His will.

Mrs. C. E. Knight,
407 S. Euporia St., Wichita, Kansas.

Coalgate, OK, June 28, 1935
To whom this may concern:

To the Glory of God, I want to give my testimony.

I was affected with stomach trouble and also had a sore leg. I heard about Bro. Etterman holding a meeting at Coalgate, so I went up to see him.
He annointed me with oil as it says in James 5:14, and I was healed.

I want to praise my God for healing my body. I did not take a drop of medicine, but the Lord has all the glory. I also want to thank God for such ministers as Bro. Etterman, that really lives a clean and holy life, and when he pray for anyone God hears and answers his prayers.

Anyone that is sick in body and wants to know more about my healing, please write to me, and I will tell you more about it.

Your brother in Christ,
Roy Walls, Route 1, Lehigh, OK.

Pettus, Texas
To whom this may concern:

Praise the Lord our blessed Jesus. Here is my testimony of my baptism of the Holy Ghost.

I was saved over two years ago. Have been seeking for it all that time. I began to think there must be something wrong with me. All I'd gotten out of it was the shakers of the flesh. I was all undone. All I ask of God, to have His own way with me. As I laid my all on the alter and left out nothing. I was dead to the want of the world. What was wrong with me? God healed me and kept me in His own way. I was praising Him for it all. What was wrong then? I prayed on for God to send someone in my own way. And praise God He did. Bro. and Sister McDonald asked me to go to Kennedy, Texas, with them to church. They told me of a meeting going on there, so I was only too glad. I praise God for the asking, I wen there and found God's messengers. I knew when I sit there and listened, God had sent them to me, for one as well as many others. I praise God for it. I was all undone in the shakers of the flesh, the more I prayed, the worse I got. Praise the Lord for the Saints who were pleading for my cause.

Then Bro. Etterman, his stand in the name of Jesus for me and rebuked Satan in the name of Jesus. Then the prayers of him and all the saints went up to God for me, and I was so sweetly filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
I was truly filled and spake in tongues, I was too happy for words to tell, and I am still filled, and feel more and more each day His blessings over my soul rolls like sunshine to my soul. I want to tell you, you don't know yourself. You cannot go through life unless you have the true messengers and His true saints to show and help you. God is leading me all the way in this writing. God bless Bro. Etterman and his workers, and the dear saints that was pleading for my soul on that night of October 18, 1933. Oh that blessed night that God, my blessed Jesus took things out of my way to walk with Him. Praise His holy name. I am living for God alone, just waiting for Him to lead me. If He has a work for me to do, I am ready, even to die for Him. Oh I can see Him now, how He gave His own precious life for this sinful world. We never can pay our dear Lord for all He has done. May God bless all the dear children of God who, leaving their homes, their all to suffer the snares and hardships of this sinful world, they left for the Lord, and to give the sinners a last chance.

I would not change with the richest person on earth for I got Jesus in my soul. Praise the Lord.

Mrs. W. M. King, Pettus, Texas.