The Church of God of The Firstborn
A LIFE FULL OF FAITH -- A Book of Bible Facts
Written by A. G. Etterman

Annandale, Minnesota
I was born in Wright County, Minnesota, June 18, 1899. I grew up on my father's farm.

When I was 19 years old, I was taken sick with stomach trouble. I got very sick. I tried several doctors around home, with no relief. So my brothers sent me to a specialist in St. Paul. This doctor said I had a stage of ulcers. He charged me plenty of money and did not cure me. I could not eat heavy food. I took medicine all the time. Two years later I was taken seriously sick. Again, I went to the same doctor and spent over $200.00 again, and did not get cured.

There was churches and preachers all around our home. Cokato had churches, Howard Lake and Annandale and many churches and preachers, there also was a church three-fourths mile from our place. They all had pastors and was supposed to be God sent men, supposed to be preaching God's word. God is my witness and also, I have three brothers that will witness that no minister during this period of sickness ever came to me and explained the word of God to me, and prove by God's word, that God would heal me of my sickness. So I was depending on doctors for help, because the ministers were not teaching the whole truth.

In June 1927, I got married. My wife was a member of the Christian Church of Howard Lake, Minnesota. So the folks there wanted me to become a member, also. So June 27, 1927, when the minister gave the call for sinners, I went down the aisle. He took my hand and asked me, "Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God?" I said, "Yes." I did not know if he was the Son of God or not, so I lied.
A little later I was baptized, but I was still smoking, chewing tobacco, lying, and doing all kinds of evil.

In February 1932, I organized a string orchestra to play in churches. I really wanted to do what was right, but I was not saved, so I could not do so.

We played in all the churches, but most of the orchestra was sinners. At this time I was an Elder in the Church of Christ at Sylvan. I took part in the communion, prayed over it, and also took it, of course, I smoke, chewed and cheated people. I was a real servant of the Devil. No man never told me how to live.

In August 1932, we had an engagement to play at Dr. Riley Church at Minneapolis, Minnesota. We were on our way, when we broke a piston in the bus. We managed to get to Montrose, Minn. The Lord was in the thing.  Bro. A. G. Etterman was holding a meeting there, he asked us to come in and play for him, so we did. He asked me to travel with him. I accepted his offer and Sept. 4, 1932, I left my old home, left everything I had in this world.

Our first revival meeting was at Arlington, South Dakota. Here I was 32 years of age and this was the first time I ever heard the Gospel preached. It didn't take long before I knew that I was doomed for Hell, if I did not repent.

Brs. Etterman showed me in the word of God in the Epistle of John 1:9,
"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." So I did it, and thank God, I got saved. God also removed all the tobacco and filth away from me. Then Bro.
Etterman proved by the word of God that we are not supposed to be sick.
I accepted it, and praise the Lord, He healed my stomach and put me in perfect health. I have not taken a drop of medicine in two years and nine months.

If you know of anyone that is suffering with any kind of disease, if they are cripple, I advise you to see Bro. and Sister Etterman, and through their prayers, God will heal you. God has never failed them.

In March 1934, at Kennedy, Texas, I received the Holy Ghost by speaking in tongues. Today I am enjoying the best health and salvation. I would not trade my health and salvation for all the money in the world.

I am writing this testimony to the glory of God, that some poor lost soul will read my little testimony and see where they are.
I know that God heals today, just the same as when our Saviour, Jesus Christ, walked the shores of Galilee.

I have traveled in eleven states, and Bro. Etterman is the only man I have met that preaches the word of God as it is supposed to be preached. I am so thankful that God still has some ministers that teach the truth.

May God help you, is my prayer,
Harold H. Hayes, Annandale, Minnesota